Beyond the Scroll

Extend your publication readability beyond the scroll with Scrolliris, perfectly designed for text. Get readability feedback via completely open source browser widget that's ready to integrate.

Improve text readability and perceived affordance with our browser reflector widget.


We encourage reading and writing longer texts on the web

Text Readability Analysis

Whether you're writing texts, Scrolliris provide you simplified text readability analysis. Just include a script, that's done! You can check shortly readability heatmap and graph.

Protect Reader's Privacy

Scrolliris don't track who the reader is, and what they are interested reading. Otherwise, it treats only texts. Reader's privacy is always protected. Your reader would be understanding of your philosophy.

Easy Integration

You can embed easily our script and widget your own publication. Scrolliris's text readability tracker and browser reflector widget are both free software. You can even build it by yourself for your own document or system as you like.

Our Customers

Join thousands of organizations who trust Scrolliris to improve the readability of their text.

Open Drug Database

ODDB provides medical drug information and documentation like fachinformation and patienteninformation for specialists in pharmaceutical industry.

ywesee GmbH

ywesee GmbH is an open source software company with a bias for open standards and a dedicated focus on the health care industry.

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